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Lou Wildish’ abstract paintings are emotive and ambient, yet invigorating and powerful.  Her colourful lyrical abstract work uses pallet knife and brush, blending, layering, marks and with an occasional mixed media element often with the use of paper, silver, gold or copper leaf and glitter paints or pens. Wildish' work is best known for her use of explosive colour, bold marks, and wild energy.


Sometimes described as expressionistic, Lou is an emotive, intuitive painter and is inspired by energy, force, nature and vibration,  in particular the human body’s energy source, wild and raw emotion, nature’s power, and atmospheric influences. She paints instinctively and responsively, paintings can take days on end or hours, its a response to a call, an emotion, a force or calling. 

The work is non specific to time or place and is led by energy and emotion, tempo and pace. There is a spiritual connection, with some of the pieces feeling ethereal, connecting to something, or seeking the unknown. Lou wants the audience to create their own connection with a piece through the colours, energy created or seeing a place or memory that resonates with them within the work.


For more information on Wildish or her work, please get in touch or join the mailing list for updates.

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